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Product Quantity
Hickory ham 250g 1
Sandwich ham 250g 1
Chicken loaf 250g 1
Pastrami 250g 1
Olive 250g 1
Bacon Cheese 250g 1
Russian Short 440g 1
Cheese griller FL 720g 1
Vienna retail 300g 1
Breakfast cocktail 300g 2
Bockwurst 350g 2
Smokey 300g 2

Please note: Our products are manufactured in a facility where the following allergens are used: Eggs, Soya, Cow’s milk, Peanuts, Mustard, Celery & Tree nuts.


Introducing the BCM (Bavarian old Meats) Hamper, a true South African delight that brings you a taste of our local flavors in every bite. This hamper is packed with a variety of mouthwatering treats, from the smoky richness of Hickory ham (250g) to the classic goodness of Sandwich ham (250g).

For those who savor a hint of spice, our Chicken loaf (250g) and Pastrami (250g) will hit the spot just right. Enjoy the perfect combination of flavours with our Bacon Cheese (250g) offering. The South African favorites are not forgotten – indulge in the zesty bite of Russian Short (440g) and the hearty goodness of Cheese griller FL (720g).

To complete your deli experience, we’ve included a 300g pack of Vienna sausages, a 300g pack of Breakfast cocktail sausages, and a 350g pack of Bockwurst. And for that extra smokiness, don’t miss out on the 300g pack of Smokey sausages.


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