Pork Rashers – Thick Cut

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Pork rashers, especially when they’re thick-cut, are like bacon’s bold and hearty cousin. These slices of pork belly are thicker than your regular bacon, giving you a meatier and more substantial bite. The thickness allows them to stand up to various cooking methods without losing their juicy and flavourful essence.

When you toss thick-cut pork rashers on the braai, you’re in for a treat. The extra thickness means they can handle the heat without drying out, resulting in a perfect balance of crispy edges and tender, meaty goodness. These rashers are also fantastic in the oven or on the stovetop, ready to elevate your breakfast game or add a savoury touch to a variety of dishes.

The beauty of thick-cut pork rashers lies in their versatility. Whether you’re aiming for a classic bacon and eggs breakfast, crafting a hearty sandwich, or adding a savoury kick to pasta or salads, these rashers bring a satisfying burst of porky flavour. So, if you’re after a more robust bacon experience, the thick-cut pork rashers are here to deliver on both taste and texture.


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Best Cuts fro Smoking - Pretoria

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Best Cuts fro Smoking - Pretoria

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