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Smoked ham is a type of ham that has been cured and then subjected to smoking, which imparts a distinct smoky flavor and aroma. It is a popular and widely enjoyed meat product, often used in various dishes and recipes.

Please note: Our products are manufactured in a facility where the following allergens are used: Eggs, Soya, Cow’s milk, Peanuts, Mustard, Celery & Tree nuts.


Curing: The process begins with curing the ham. Curing involves applying a mixture of salt, sugar, and sometimes other seasonings to the meat. This helps preserve the ham, enhance its flavor, and improve its texture.

Smoking: After curing, the ham is subjected to smoking. It is placed in a smoker, which is a special cooking apparatus designed to produce smoke while cooking the meat at a low temperature. The type of wood used for smoking, such as hickory, applewood, or oak, contributes to the final flavor of the smoked ham.

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